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The 2023 Artaxis Fundraising Sale has ended. Stay tuned in November for the launch of the 2024 sale!

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This is the most important fundraising event we do each year; without it we simply could not offer the programming we do.

There’s no way around it - this sale is vital to sustaining Artaxis.

Artaxis is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization guided by a simple principle - artists supporting artists. Featuring over 1000 artists from over 50 countries and all 50 States in the US, Artaxis engages the ceramics community through promotional, educational, and networking programs while celebrating diverse artistic practices and being a resource of aesthetic values.

With a purchase today, you can support artists, enrich the field, and allow the next generation of clay makers to get inspired by finding and researching artists. 

The Artaxis website hosts tens of thousands of files and has users accessing it from all over the world, maintaining and building our website is a big and expensive job, and we spent an average of $1,250 per month supporting and building new features into it. Our website is at the core of what we do to support artists and make sure their work can be discovered.

We thank all of the Artaxis members who donated pieces: Sandra Ban, Jessica Wilson, Jarred Pfeiffer, Adam Chau, Lisa Conway, Jeff Campana, Amanda Bury, Susan Beiner, Eric Ordway, Juliane Shibata, Andrèa Keys Connell, Alisa (AL) Holen, Meghan Yarnell, Pattie Chalmers, Adam Field, Margaret Meehan, Jesse Albrecht, Zhanna Martin, George John Christopher Drobnock, Gina Pisto, Nicole McLaughlin, Andrew Casto, Paul Maloney, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Jenchi Wu, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Elaine Buss, Taylor Mezo, Rob Kolhouse, Casey Whittier, Lauren Skelly Bailey, Stephanie Lanter, Casey Beck, Constance McBride, Andrew Casteneda, Samuel Johnson, Samantha Purze, Grace Tessein, Magdolene Dykstra, Jing Huang, Diane Lublinski, Anna Valenti, Japheth Asiedu-Kwarteng, Natasha Hovey, Ianna Nova Frisby, Kourtney Stone, Patty Bilbro, Jennifer Brazelton, Helen Otterson, Brian Harper, Lalana Fedorschak, Christina Massey, Sydney Ewerth, Blake Williams, Del Harrow, and KwokPong (Bobby) Tso.

Learn more about Artaxis at

We thank you for your support!



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