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Shikha profile photoShikha Joshi is a studio potter based in Round Rock, Texas. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Joshi learned ceramics through community classes and workshops in the US. Her work has been featured at prominent galleries such as Clayakar, Companion and the Charlie Cummings Gallery. She has exhibited at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts where her work is part of their permanent collection. Joshi has been published in Ceramic Monthly, Surface Design for Ceramics, and 500 Platters. As a functional potter, Joshi likes her pieces to be used, and aspires to make work that brings joy to people's daily lives.

Artist Statement:

My creative process results from an interplay between form and function. I like to explore form, to create pots with strong shapes, with the underlying guiding factor being, achievement of good functionality. The rich earthy hues strongly appeal to the artist in me, which in turn dictate the choice of my clay and glazes.

As I mature as a potter I find myself being drawn to the Japanese aesthetic of “Wabi Sabi”. Loosely translated, it means beauty in imperfection. Consequently, the surfaces of my pots have slowly transitioned from intricately carved to being rustic, earthy and organic. I hope my pots echo the silent austere beauty and simplicity of the natural world and infuse the user with a feeling of meditative peace.

Colors and textures of rocks, tree bark, algae are some of the things that inspire me and I am constantly experimenting with slips, glazes, colorants and inclusions to recreate that look. The desire to emulate the rustic surface of wood fired ceramics within the constraints of an oxidation kiln continues to guide me on my evolutionary journey as a potter.

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