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Pattie Chalmers received her BFA in printmaking from the University of Manitoba in Canada, and her MFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota. She has exhibited in group exhibitions on five continents, in six countries and thirty-two states and over the past ten years has had work in over seventy exhibitions. Chalmers is a Professor and the head of ceramics at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, also she admits that she may be a little bit compulsive and that she definitely likes to laugh at her own jokes.


I make pots that express the quality of a handmade object and the tactile quality of my chosen material. The cups, plates, and vases I make become canvases for the images and patterns that I cull from four-for-a dollar comic books, movies-of-the-week, and family photo albums. My work is a collage of these influences in combination with historical and imagined elements that reveal my observations about identity and ideologies. The subject is personal, but the images are given in familiar language: true loves, devoted siblings, or best friends, for example. Connecting narrative image to object ties me to a long tradition of the vessel making in ceramics and the experience gratifying.

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