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Growing up in northeast Oklahoma, Margaret Kinkeade's introduction to art came in quiet moments of curiosity, looking over her grandmother's sewing table, fumbling around in her needlepoint projects, and cleaning hobby pottery with her aunt each summer vacation. In the print shop, Margaret's undergraduate studio work explored ideas of women's work, feminine symbolism, and matrilineal transmission of tradition. Drawings and blocks of color were translated to paper, soap, and fiber and further embellished with time and thread.

After graduating with a BFA in Printmaking from the University of Oklahoma, she earned an MFA in Ceramics from Pennsylvania State University in 2014. Upon graduation, Margaret relocated to Kansas City, Missouri, to teach ceramics and establish a home studio practice. Along with this geographical shift came a new direction in her studio: large-scale sculptural plans became kitchen-table-sized functional objects. Using clay reminiscent of Oklahoma red dirt, inscribed with traditional quilt patterns, she began to build vessels meant for daily use. Quilts and dishes often represent a matrilineal inheritance of family heirlooms and traditions while connecting loved ones across time and the table. Interlacing drawing with tactile hand-building techniques allows her to participate in that ongoing conversation at her table and yours.

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