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Lindsay Rogers profile photoLindsay Rogers is a potter, educator, and avid gardener living in the mountains of East Tennessee. She received her BA with a concentration in printmaking from Sarah Lawrence College in 2001 and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Florida in 2013. Over the years, Lindsay has used her work as a ceramic artist to advocate for a more locally based, sustainable food system. She has participated in collaborations with other artists, chefs, and farmers. Her pottery, writing, and words can be found in a range of publications from books to blogs, magazines, and podcasts. She is currently an Associate Professor of Ceramics at East Tennessee State University.

Artist Statement:

As an artist, my choice to create ceramic tableware is a direct response to my relationship with food. For two decades I have worked with clay to develop new solutions to one core question: how can the thoughtful design of handmade vessels encourage a reconnection to the food we eat? Over the years I have answered this question with varying levels of precision. I make work that ranges from utilitarian pottery to very specific presentation vessels that are designed to use the natural beauty of locally grown vegetables as a starting point for their own celebration.

 My most recent body of work consists of two series of vessels, Companion Plant Plates & Shadow Plates. Both are a response to my relationship with my garden during the pandemic. Last year, gardening became a lifeline. It allowed for a stable, ongoing conversation with my home space, providing focus at a time when other conversations became more abstract. Because of this, I started 2021 by making work reflective of my garden planning. The altered rim of the Companion Plant plates are silhouettes of lettuce plants that I grew and then cut into the form. The image on the plate's surface is a plant that makes a beneficial neighbor to lettuce in the garden, a practice in sustainable agriculture known as companion planting. The Shadow Plate series are designed while standing in my garden. In the shallow morning light, the shadows of plants I grow are captured on a paper before transfer to the vessels.

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