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Jeff Campana is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Kennesaw State University.  Prior to his appointment there, he was a Long-term Artist in Residence at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT.  Additionally, he has taught at Bennington College, University of Louisville, and Indiana University Southeast.  He holds a BFA with a concentration in Ceramics from University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and an MFA in Ceramics from Indiana University Bloomington.  He exhibits nationally and his work is found in numerous books and magazines.  In 2023, along with his brother Jason, Jeff co-founded Campana Design Studio with the goal of bringing his unique digitally designed ceramic objects to a broad audience.

Artist Statement:

 I have always been interested in the visual possibilities of deconstruction - what is revealed when we examine the structure, the process, or the form of an object?  What can we learn by taking something apart?  In this work, I use computer technology to break forms into voxels, or volumetric pixels. I intend for these works of decorative and functional art to fascinate and richen daily experience in homes.  The sparkle of shiny glaze scattering light across a fractured surface creates an effect that is mesmerizing and is more fascinating the closer you look. Each object in this collection is special and not part of my regular line.  This includes oddball forms, atmospheric firings, and New, yet-to-be-released colors.

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