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Jeff Campana profile photo Jeff Campana is an Associate Professor of Art at Kennesaw State University in the Atlanta sprawl. Prior to this appointment, he was a long-term Artist in Residence at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. Additionally, he has been a short-term resident at Studio 740 and Red Lodge Clay Center. He has taught at the University of Louisville, Indiana University Southeast, and Bennington College. He holds an MFA from Indiana University - Bloomington and a BFA from University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.  Jeff’s work in ceramics has been featured in numerous books and other publications, and has been exhibited in more than 120 exhibitions across the United States. His current research interests are in interdisciplinary technology and are focussed on how to incorporate 3D printing and CAD modeling into university education at the GenEd level as a common digital literacy. 

Artist Statement:

I have always been interested in the potential of deconstruction and its ability to bring insight into the structure and process of creation in clay.  What do we learn from taking something apart, and what new potential does that unveil within a form? These works are all deconstructed in various ways in digital and/or physical environments. Some forms are broken and assembled via a mold system, while others are broken into voxels or vertices in the digital environment. The coupling of 3D technology and traditional mold making processes brings these objects into our physical experience.

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