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Heidi McKay Casto profile photoHeidi McKay Casto is a studio artist and Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa. She earned her MFA and MA from The University of Iowa and her BFA in Ceramics from The Ohio State University. She was recently named a Ceramics Monthly 2022 Emerging Artist.

Artist Statement:

Our reality is a connected web of our perceptions, beliefs, relationships, and surroundings. These endless moments inform and shape our human experience with myriad complexity. I am often struck in my work depicting animals that their lives feel conversely present, acute, and directed in their instinctual behaviors and subsistence. I wonder about my root instincts as a result; what I might make, do, and see, without the world pushing in with pressure, judgment, and expectation. 

This work intends to make space for such internal dialogues, and to hold you emotionally, while you hold it physically. I hope it brings joy to everyday experience, and a story to the surface of objects of comfort and utility. The goal is a synchronistic exchange of connection, in which care and beauty are more present in daily life, and where complex human emotions might be made more discernible through light-hearted depictions of anthropomorphized animal subjects. 

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