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Fundraiser for Oleksandr Miroshnychenko and family
Oleksandr and family

Artists supporting artists; that is what Artaxis is about. It is difficult for most of us to understand what the people of Ukraine are going through, but right now we have an opportunity to help a fellow Artaxis member and we are asking for your support.

Oleksandr Miroshnychenko is an Artaxis member from Ukraine. On the morning of February 24th, Oleksandr, his wife, Olena, and their two young daughters awoke to explosions outside their home near Kharkiv. They sheltered in their basement, but as the shelling got closer, Oleksandr and his family fled their home to find shelter in different parts of the country. After months of moving around Ukraine, Oleksandr and his family were recently able to cross the border into Poland. 

Our Executive Director, Brian Harper, has had ongoing communication throughout the invasion with Oleksandr and his sister, Daria Miroshnychenko, who lives in Tampa, Florida. Daria has been accepted to host them through the Uniting for Ukraine program, a federal program to allow Ukrainian citizens to come to the United States.

This fundraiser is providing financial support for Oleksandr and his family to relocate to Tampa, Florida. They have left everything behind in Ukraine: their home, studio, car, and all of their belongings and now need support for flights to the US and relocation support when they get to Tampa.

Oleksandr has kept on making art, through drawing, and has produced 39 works since February. We are using our platform to sell these drawings, priced at $175. 100% of the proceeds will go to Oleksandr and his family. The drawings are signed and dated.

Additionally, we have 11x14" reproductions available for $45 and 8x10" reproductions for $25, as well as a cash donation option for $5 or more. Every little bit helps.


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