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Chase Gamblin grew up in Metropolis Illinois, completed his BFA at Tennessee Tech University’s Appalachian Center for Craft, and his MFA at Texas Tech University. While in graduate school Gamblin completed two summer residencies’ one in Vicchio Italy, and the other in Sanbao China. After graduating he went on to the University of North Dakota as the artist in residence/ visiting lecturer in the Ceramics department for one year. After completing his yearlong residency, he moved to Lebanon Tennessee where he taught 3-D and 2_D Design, all levels of ceramics, and the Future Directions in Arts, all the while building the ceramics program for Cumberland University. The summer of 2012 he was invited back to China to make artwork and set up another solo exhibition upon completion.  In 2013 Chase moved to Bloomington IN. where he began teaching classes at the Bloomington Clay Studio. It was here that he helped create a residency program and became a board member until its closure in 2017. In 2015 he was hired as a full time faculty member at Indiana University in Bloomington as an Academic Specialist/ Ceramics Studio Coordinator. He teaches all levels of ceramics from intro to the graduate level, as well as kiln building and atmospheric firing. From 2016-2019 he was involved in the design and build of the new ceramics Annex facility. In 2020 he was asked to create a Masterclass video series for the Taoxichuan Art Center in Jingdezhen China. During the summer of 2021 and 2022 he was the Faculty Mentor for the Rural Engagement Residency program where graduate students from IU would spend six weeks creating work and engaging with rural communities throughout southern Indiana.

Chase started as a lecturer and ceramics studio coordinator in 2022 at IU, most recently he planned and organized the Indiana Clay Conference that was held in Bloomington. He has continued to exhibit his work nationally and internationally through juried, invitational, and solo exhibitions as well as participate in short term residencies at Arrowmont, Pocosin Art School for Fine Craft, AHA, Leslie Ferrin Contemporary, among others.

Artist Statement:

I am an object maker, vessel lover, and ceramic material manipulator. I make vessels composed using multiple thrown components with a very heavy but considered slip application. I like to use the slip not only for its soft, luscious, malleability and texture, but to also capture a moment of gesticulation in time. I want my work to be loud and joyful, so I utilize a wide variety of layered underglazes, colorful slips, gold lusters, and sometimes decals. Each of my works attempts to capture a bit of flash and whimsy.

The making process is one of the most important aspects of my studio practice as it pushes me to evolve and develop my forms, which in turn, allows me personal growth. At a young age, I learned that it was important to create using my hands. Whether it is playing music, wrenching in the garage, or building and creating in the studio I find a sense of mental and physical nourishment. As I work on new pieces, I constantly ask myself “Why?” Because I have yet to culminate this inquiry, I continue to make and find myself in a seemingly never-ending cycle of making and questioning which is exciting to me.

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