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Brooke Alexandria Cashion is originally from Southern California. She currently resides in Fort Collins, CO where she maintains her studio practice. She recently moved from Alfred, New York where she was an adjunct professor and technician at Alfred University. Cashion received her BFA in ceramics from The University of the Pacific in 2010. She has been a technician at Cabrillo College, member of Studio for Arts and Works (S.A.W) and has worked at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and for Harvey Meadows Gallery (now Harvey Preston) and The Artstream Nomadic Gallery. Cashion was a post-bac student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado and in 2019 she completed her MFA from the NYSCC at Alfred University. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in Colombia. She has been a resident artist at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and The Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts.

Artist Statement:

My ceramic vessels and sculptures look for the wiggle room in between categories relating to the fields of design, sculpture, and painting. The form of the clay coil is a central essential shape in my work which is reproduced throughout non-human nature. The coil or tube is also all around and within us. They are our veins that connect our organs, the pipes in our homes, and the wires that carry our energy, information and waste. Tubes connect one thing to another. 

My shapes spring from molds I take of simple forms which I use as a jumping off point for relentlessly exploring the many possible expressions of the shapes. Testing for flexibility of myself and my material, I create vessels which respond to my present moment and express my individual and collective humanity. I take apart the conventional components of the vessel and re-compose to question what it all boils down to, and how something grows from there.

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