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Over 100 works available by 80 Artaxis members in 13 countries. 100% of proceeds support our programming and website development.

Artaxis is a member-driven, all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. Featuring over 900 artists from 50 countries, Artaxis engages the ceramics community through promotional, educational, and networking programs while celebrating diverse artistic practices and being a resource of aesthetic values.Learn more about Artaxis at

We thank the following artists for donating their works: Tom Bartel, WEN-HSI HARMAN, Magdolene Dykstra, Kimberly LaVonne, Susan Beiner, Marina Kuchinski, Kristen Cliffel, Christina Margarita Erives, Adil Ghani, Shamai Gibsh, Jonathan Fitz, Iren E Tete, Stephanie Osser, Casey Beck, Jessica Kreutter, Sin-ying Ho, Khlebtsevich Natalia, Didem Mert, Todd Leech, Shulamit Teiblum-Millar, James Aarons, Adam Chau, Rachel Eng, Stephen Robison, Mike Jabbur, Maria Joanna Juchnowska, Avi Amesbury, Diane Arrieta, Michele Collier, Natalia Drobot, Erin Paradis, Shweta Mansingka, Renata Cassiano Alvarez, Leslie Fry, Adrienne Eliades, Amanda Bury, Wade MacDonald, Shikha Joshi, Somchai Charoen, Kate Marotz, Craig Hartenberger, Chanakarn Semachai, YoonJee Kwak, Meredith Host, Jackie Brown, Courtney Martin, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Jamie Bates Slone, Mikey Walsh, Sara Morales-Morgan, Shalene Valenzuela, Courtney Michaud, Sandra Lapage, Rob Kolhouse, Megan Angolia, Elaine Buss, Samuel Thompson, Jennifer Masley, Jarred Pfeiffer, Casey Whittier, Anna Valenti, Blake Williams, Natasha Hovey, George John Christopher Drobnock, Neha Kudchadkar, Mike Cinelli, Brian Harper, KwokPong(Bobby) Tso, Alexander Thierry, Ozgu Gundeslioglu, Beverly Morrison, Zach Tate, Jesse Albrecht, Ian Bassett, Nicole Rene Woodard, Stephanie Lanter, Melanie Sherman, Samuel Johnson, Jose Arenivar-Gomez, Joe Page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


** The 2022 Artaxis Fundraising Sale has ended. We thank you for your support! If you're still interested in shopping for some great handmade ceramic art, you can find more work available for sale by visiting the other Featured Artist collections HERE



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