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Amanda Bury profile photoAmanda grew up in the Pacific Northwest part of the U.S. and is currently based in Winston-Salem, NC. She is a lover of the outdoors, both wild and tame. Amanda is forever influenced by her time working summer gigs on farms and remains a big advocate for supporting your local farmer. Amanda received a Bachelors of Art in Anthropology and a Bachelors of Art in Studio Art from Central Washington University. She then went on to pursue Post-Baccalaureate study at the University of Montana. Amanda has spent time as an artist in residence in places across the country including, The Morean Center for Clay in Saint Petersburg, Florida and Belger Crane Yard Studios in Kansas City, Missouri. She regularly shows in invitational and national juried exhibitions. Her work is held in both public and private collections worldwide.


I rely on the central role of functional pots as vehicles for nourishment and utilize their natural place as conduits for sustenance at our tables. Through each piece I work to quietly and somewhat subversively, convey my interest in the complex systems of culture, ethics, commerce, history, ritual, community and environment found within the realm of food production, ranging from antiquity to present day. This interconnected web of systems serves as the foundation for and influences all aspects of my studio practice.

My excitement for the frameworks which link human kind to our food system was born from a childhood wonder for the natural world, later nurtured by jobs on small family farms and in locally owned farm-to-table restaurants, then fueled and honed by academic study in Anthropology.

I continue to build upon my socio-cultural studies by passionately reading, listening, and discovering new information that links these themes together in ways we have only begun to understand.

My aim is to make work that brings a broad focus to the food on your plate. I choose to forgo overt statements of doom and gloom in favor of joy, abstraction, and quiet association. This provides room for the users connections and curiosity, hopefully leading to self generated questions which prompt further investigation.

The fundamental foundational concept is that everything is connected.


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