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Allison Rose Craver profile photoAllison Rose Craver is a ceramic artist and educator. She was raised in East Aurora, NY where she learned to appreciate hard work and craft. Both of her parents are also makers.

Allison received a BFA from Alfred University in 2010 and an MFA from Ohio State University in 2017. She is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota, and also teaches community classes & programming through a local park district. Allison has shown work nationally, including at Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT,  and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN.

Allison currently lives and makes in Saint Paul, MN with her husband Andrew and their cat, Buddha. When not in the studio, Allison can be found creating plant-based meals, walking, and sorting through paint chips.

Artist Statement:

I make pots that quietly exist in domestic landscapes. I am guided by the principle that craftsmanship demonstrates care.

Home is a site of comfort and tactile experience: a warm mug of tea, the relief of the cool side of a pillow, the imprint of upholstery on skin. I harvest inspiration from domestic interiors, mending, and bodies. The limitations of containment compel me. I think about stuffing bursting from the seat of a chair, my finger swelling around my wedding band, or the soft pucker around a scar. My references are distilled and transformed through material and labor; ideas are digested like nourishment.

My pots are thrown on the wheel, cut, and reconstructed. I work carefully, paying attention to symmetry, rhythm, and touch. I practice restraint, acknowledging practicality and the control I will relinquish when each pot is put to use in the world. My studio labor mirrors the cadence and monotony of domestic routine. Finding this relationship both comforting and troubling, I seek to subvert it by embracing play. My practice is a dance between intuition and rigor. Sometimes the dance is awkward, other times it is slow and deliberate. It is always generative.

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