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Adrienne Eliades

Adrienne Eliades is a studio artist and educator living in Vancouver, WA. She earned a BA from the University of North Carolina, and an MFA from the University of Florida. Named a 2018 Emerging Artist by Ceramics Monthly, Adrienne has been an artist-in-residence at Ash Street Project in Portland, Oregon, Guldagergaard International Research Center in Denmark and The Bright Angle in Asheville, North Carolina. In addition to maintaining a vibrant studio practice, Adrienne teaches at Portland Community College. 

Artist Statement:

My design-focused ceramic tableware sets the stage for emphasizing delight in eating experiences. Highlighting the desire for creating meaning in the mundane, my work celebrates the delicacy of being human and promotes the power of simple rituals that elevate the ordinary to the elegant.

The surfaces are inspired by recurring motifs I observe in my environment. Patterns are all around us. Wallpaper, concrete screens, manhole covers, and security envelopes provide rich source materials reminiscent of the marks people make on the world. Based on a visual language of color, texture, and shape, rather than words, patterns can evoke emotional responses connected to memory. Instinctively, humans translate and extrapolate patterns into their own interpretation. I harness the allure of the repeat pattern to captivate the user’s attention. Drawing on the comfort of regularity, I create areas of appeal with deviations in the visual motifs.

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