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Announcing the 2020 Artaxis Fundraising Sale!

Over 100 works by Artaxis members are available for purchase and 100% of the proceeds go to support our programming and website development project.

Artaxis is a member-driven, all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization. Featuring over 800 artists from 50 countries, Artaxis engages the ceramics community through promotional, educational, and networking programs while celebrating diverse artistic practices and being a resource of aesthetic values.Learn more about Artaxis at

We thank the following artists for donating their works: Ad van Lieshout, Alexander Thierry, Alison Reintjes, Anna Valenti, Anthony Stellaccio, April Felipe, Ashwini Bhat, Avi Amesbury, Bethany Krull, Bobby Tso, Brian Harper, Carly Slade, Casey Beck, Casey Whittier, Catherine Schmid Maybach, Charity White, Chase Gamblin, Chris Drobnock, Chris Dufala, Christina Erives, Christina Massey, Courtney Martin, Courtney Michaud, Cristina Mato, Deb Schwartzkopf & Mark Arnold, Del Harrow, Didem Mert, Edie Tsong, Ehren Tool, Ian F. Thomas, Ian Meares, Israel Davis, Jamie Bates Slone, Janina Myronova, Jarred Pfeiffer, Joann Quiñones, Joe Page, Jon Geiger, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Katherine Cox, Krista Grecco, Lalana Fedorschak, Linda Swanson, Louise Deroualle, Mac McCusker, Margaret Kenway Haydon, Margaret Kinkeade, Mark Tarabula, Martha Grover, Matt Ziemke, Melanie Sherman, Mike Jabbur, Mike Stumbras, Nicolas Touron, Pattie Chalmers, PJ Hargraves, Posey Bacopoulos, Rachel Marne Jones, Rafel Perez, Rob Kolhouse, Samantha Briegel, Samuel Johnson, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Scott Rench, Shamai Gibsh, Shiyuan Xu, Shulamit Teiblum-Millar, Shumpei Yamaki, Skylor Swann, Smith&Levin, Sooyeon Kim, Sophie Giet, Stan Hunter, Stephanie Lanter, Stephen Mullins, Susan Beiner, Sydney Ewerth, Tara Wilson, Todd Leech, Tom Budzak, Vanessa Anastasopoulou, Wade Tullier, Wesley Harvey, Yuko Nishikawa, Zhanna Martin

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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